My favorite Coffee Shops That You need to try in Albuquerque. 

If you know anything about me, it’s the fact that I’m a die hard coffee lover. 

Coffee is an everyday essential in order for me to function properly. 

My love for coffee started when I began college. Late nights studying, early mornings rushing to class, and procrastinating all my assignments until the last possible second…. coffee was a lifesaver for me. 

(And luckily for University of New Mexico students, there’s a Starbucks inside their biggest library- my go to study place!) 

My love for coffee became even deeper when I starting helping out at my church’s coffee shop. Learning how to create and make the the espresso drinks that I loved made me more obsessed with coffee. 

So recently I decided I would try new, local, and “hole in the wall” coffee shops everywhere I went. 

Since Albuquerque is close to home and where I work, I thought I’d highlight some of my new fave coffee shops for y’all and hopefully it’ll encourage you to try them out! 

Because although I love Starbucks, it’s gets a little mundane and there’s so much more flavor  to explore in the coffee world! 

1. New Mexico Piñon Coffee House! 

By far, my number one favorite coffee joint has to be this place! Their piñon blend is the best I’ve ever had, their ice cubes ARE COFFEE CUBES, and their house blend is strong but does not leave an icky bitter aftertaste. The atmosphere that this coffee joint gives me is nothing short of the perfect “NM True” feel- also the fact that they have a biscochito ice coffee (which gives me life), and are the official coffee sponsor of our international balloon fiesta means you can’t get more NM TRUE than that! 

2. Satellite Coffee

Satellite Coffee is delicious, unique, and makes me sentimental. (Takes me back to my college days) 

When I was a student at UNM, it was my go to, almost everyday. With a satellite coffee shop in their bookstore and their student union building, I was a happy camper! 

I wish I could perfectly explain what I like about this company, but it’s a love that I can’t quite describe… 

The atmosphere of all of their shops is perfect for catching up on some reading and/or homework and their coffee is so rich, but never bitter. 

If you try this place, try their Mexican latte! It’s my favorite! 

3. Napoli Coffee 

What I love most about this coffee shop is the friendly baristas and employees! They answered all of my questions and were very knowledgeable! I tried a Breve here for the first time and fell in love with it! The atmosphere is spacious and their food is good too! 

4. Humble coffee company 

This little quaint coffee shop is everything that reminds me of “hipster trends” (lol) The coffee shop itself is a little small and congested but their lattes are always tasty. And, they always do latte art! 

5. Europa (Los Lunas) 

So I tried this new coffee shop about a month ago and was blown away. I love everything about it. This coffee shop is not in Albuquerque. It’s in Los Lunas which is sbout 20 miles south of Albuquerque. Their coffee and espresso is organic and always fresh and delicious. The inside of their shop is beyond charming, and I tried a salted caramel pastry and it was delicious. They also sell fresh, organic, and hone grown fruits and veggies from their own garden and they also sell organic chicken eggs and grass fed beef! A must try! 

I had one more (unlisted) coffee shop that I wanted to list here, but since I’ve only been there once, I decided I’ll try it a few more times and get some photos of it before I add it to my list! 

Have you tried any of these places in Albuquerque? Is your favorite coffee shop in Albuquerque not listed here?!… 

If it didn’t make my list, let me know in the comments what your favorite ABQ coffee shop is! I ALWAYS want to try new places! 

Thanks for stopping by!