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I think every Christian has their own “Life Verse”. A verse from scripture that speaks to them in volumes and that can always encourage through every season of life. A life verse is a verse that you live by! It’s something to encourage, inspire, and motivate you. It’s something to look back to when you need to remember God’s love for you.

My life verse has always been Luke 1:45.

Blessed is she who has believed that the LORD would fulfill His promised to her!”

Sometimes I get emotional just by reading the verse. It offers me so much love, assurance, and hope.

The story from Luke 1: 26-56 as a whole inspires me and gives me the chills every time I read it. I get so excited just explaining the story to others. The story is when God sends an angel named Gabriel to Nazareth to reveal to Mary (who was a virgin) that she has found favor with God and will conceive and give birth to a son (a.k.a JESUS CHRIST).

Of course Mary is a little frightened when she sees the angel and beyond confused when he tells the virgin that she will give birth soon to a baby. And on top of that, not only is she carrying “just a baby”… She’s become the Mother of the Son of the most high!  “The one who will reign over Israel forever; his Kingdom will never end!” (Luke 1:32)

Of course all of this sounded so outrageous to her, but I just LOVE how Mary obeys God and praises Him for what He is going to do with and through her life.

” Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true!”

(Luke 1:38)

A few verses later Mary sings a song of praise to God and part of that says:

” How my sprit rejoices in God my Savior! For He took notice of his lowly servant girl, and from now on all will call me blessed.”  (Luke 1:47-48)

I love how she is a woman of faith who is obedient and has full trust in God and his promises. I long to have a faith like hers. Her faith and obedience brought forth OUR SAVIOR: JESUS.

-My most favorite verse (Luke 1:45) is a sweet reminder that our God is so faithful! And that he will keep every single promise that he makes to us. We never have to worry about being let down… Our God is merciful, true, and beyond faithful!

-This verse also reminds me that God will bless us immensely when we put our FULL trust in Him. It reminds me that He is a God who is true to His word and He WANTS to bless us and he wants us to completely trust Him.

-This verse gives me hope. I see how Mary wonders, “Why me? I’m just a young and lowly servant girl?” (paraphrase)

It reminds me that God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called! When I tend to think that I have nothing to offer or that I won’t ever make a difference in this world, I think about how Mary was just a normal girl and how she was used to give life to the savior of the world! (Man that truth just blows me away every time I think about it!)

-This verse reminds me that we serve a limitless God. A God who can do anything. You know how scripture says “With God, all things are possible”? Well its true- I mean, hello, Jesus was born of a Virgin! (that doesn’t just happen everyday haha)

-This verse encourages me to be an obedient woman to God and to never doubt His word or his promises to me.

I want to live my life like a lot of women in the bible. A life that is surrendered daily to God. A life and a faith that is used for His Kingdom. So many women in the bible have done things and lived lives that FOREVER CHANGED THE WOLRD. Ladies, we have to believe that God still has the power to do that in us!

God can and will use you if you let him do so. We must STOP putting limits on a limitless God! It’s time to fully believe and trust in Him and his promises. He will fulfill them. His will be done no matter what!

The world that we live in today is getting crazier and crazier… The world needs more women who will have faith and trust in God just like Mary and many other women of the bible. Now is not the time to hide our faith or to slow down. We must do what we can do, and serve and love Jesus with all we have.

To all my ladies out there, remember how much Jesus loves you. He wants to do big and important things in your life. He wants you to surrender your heart to him and believe in his faithful promises. He has given you a gift, and he wants you to use it!

I encourage you to seek a verse or scripture that encourages you and speaks to you in ways that you need it to. I hope you strive to be a woman of the Most High God and not a woman of the world.  I pray that you seek the Lord in prayer and ask him to show you what He wants to do with your life.

What is your life verse and why? Let me know in the comments below! And as always, thanks for stopping by!



8 thoughts on “My Life Verse

  1. Thank you for sharing your life verse! I read the following line and had an aha moment: “This verse reminds me that we serve a limitless God. A God who can do anything. You know how scripture says “With God, all things are possible”? Well its true- I mean, hello, Jesus was born of a Virgin! (that doesn’t just happen everyday haha)”

    I never thought about it like that but its such an accurate example of God and his infinite possibilities! My life verse would have to be Philippians 4:8. Thinking good thoughts- always!

  2. This is a truly beautiful post! So glad I found your blog today! I don’t know if I have a single life verse at this point, but I absolutely feel like God gives me certain verses for certain seasons of my life. Recently he has brought me out of a really difficult time into a time of a lot of joy and great things happening, and the verse that I am meditating on is Deuteronomy 8:10: When you have eaten and are satisfied, PRAISE the Lord your God for the good land He has given you! This is just a reminder to me that every single thing we have is a gift from God, and to always stay so grateful to Him! Thanks for sharing about your life verse. Looking forward to reading more from your blog. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for checking it out! I’m glad it can lift you up!! Hope you feel better!

  3. Such beautiful words Olivia! It’s really encouraging to see a woman so brave taking control of what life has got to offer to her rather than just accepting the world as it is (and it’s bloody crazy right now!). Really really beautiful xx

  4. Olivia, God first gave me my life verse when I was 16 years old. I had a crisis of faith at the time and had to chose for myself if I truly believed or if I was a car parked in my parents garage. God pointed me to Jeremiah 29:11. Now back then this wasn’t the popular verse it is now, so it was un-heard of that I would pick this. But it spoke volumes to me. As you say, it told me a promise that though specifically made to the nation of Israel prior to their captivity, it was also valid as ALL of God’s word is for doctrine, for reproof, for examination, and so on. This verse told me that GOD HAS A PLAN for my life. Important to a teenager when you are wondering about life, and what will happen next.

    Well, to make a long story short over the next 50+ years, God has been growing that passage in my heart, expanding it, using it, and even extending it to include verses 12, 13, and 14. That entire passage is engraved upon and into my heart with such loving depth from the Refiner’s fire. So glad that God gave me these special verses to carry me along in my journey.

    Love your post on Life Verses. Thank you for sharing yours and what it means to you. You’ve inspired me.

    • Susan, thank you so much for your kind and wise words!! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read what is on my heart! That is so encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing your life verse, I am so inspired by your words! Thank you! Have a blessed night ❤️

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