#TreatYoSelfTuesday- Mieroglyphs Bracelets


It’s my first ever #TREATYOSELFTUESDAY here at wildandfreeoutdoors.com! YAY!

This is a series on my blog where I review and recommend products that I have been loving and think are splurge worthy! The products that I will be mentioning range from Makeup to food to jewelry, and pretty much anything!

[Disclaimer: ALL opinions and thoughts are my own. If an item/brand is ever sponsored or an affiliate, I will mention at the end of post, but even so, ALL opinions and reviews will be my honest and true opinion. I will never promote something I do not like myself.]

TODAY’S PRODUCT that I have been obsessed with are these amazing bracelets from an AMAZING brand.

These are the Mieroglyphs bracelets sold at https://www.mieroglyphs.com/

Lets talk about this brand for a second and why I love them!

First off, their slogan is “goods for the good of this world”. Isn’t that lovely?! That is their slogan because this is a company that creates hand- crafted, customizable, cruelty- free, and vegan products! Each bracelet is hand made and customized to the buyer’s request. None of their products are mass produced. Thought, love, and hard work is put into each and every bracelet made by this company! (I just LOVE that.)

The whole purpose of this brand is to spread motivation and inspiration through their products and that is what makes them so special! They even have Pet accessories! (how cool is that?!)

I also love the style of this brand and their products. It is unique and a breathe of fresh air to me.

My absolute MOST FAVORITE thing about Mieroglyphs is the customizable part! I love how you can take part of your favorite verse, song lyrics, or name and have it engraved on the bracelet.

I had one of my bracelets engraved with “Wild and Free Wanderer”. Every time I wear that bracelet and see my blog name, I get such an inspired feeling. It is a sweet reminder of my love for writing and how I have began to pursue my dreams with my blog! It is a product that is so special to me!

And the cool thing is there’s not another like it! 😉 It’s unique and made just for me!

Since Valentines Day is approaching, I think one of these bracelets would be a sweet idea as a gift! You can engrave it with whatever you’d like for your loved on to see! You can make it special and unique and just for the person you love the most!

Gift it or TREAT YOURSELF to it! I’m happy to be supporting and sharing my love of this brand with all of you! I hope you all check out all of the amazing products this company has to offer, and I hope you love and are inspired by these products just like I am.

I am so happy I was introduced to this brand and I am even happier to have an affiliated discount code to share with you all for your purchases! Use Code: OLIVIA for 20% off your purchase! (ALL CAPS on Olivia)

[You can use the discount code at checkout as many times as you’d like!]

If you do purchase any of Mieroglyphs products, please tag me in your photos on Instagram and let me know what you think of them!

Thanks for tuning in on my first post on my series #TREATYOSELFTUESDAY. I can’t wait to continue this series and share more awesome products with you!

With Love,


[Disclaimer: this post does include an affiliate discount code. It is your call to use it if you’d like to or not. ALL opinions on this brand and product are my own.]

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