My Engagement Story! 

This past weekend was nothing short of magical and a dream come true… 

Cheesy, I know. But it’s true! 

I dreamed about my engagement and the man of my dreams getting down on one knee more than I’ve dreamed about my wedding I think! 

All of my dreams and expectations were all met on July 1st, 2017 when I got engaged! ❤️

It started out as a day not outside of the ordinary. I woke up and got ready to go on a day trip to Santa Fe with Damond and two couples that we are very good friends with. 

We rode the motorcycles on a beautiful and cloudy morning through Madrid, NM (where we stopped at the cutest coffee shop) and stopped in Santa Fe, NM for lunch and to shop around. 

We then took a ride up to the ski lift in Santa Fe, which is such a fun ride up the mountains, and the top has gorgeous views! 

And the funny part about the ride up to the ski lift is that for some reason, I missed the memo that we were actually going up to the ski lift area. 

I don’t know how i just spaced out on that one fact. lol 😂 

But as we left the restaurant, I asked Damond “so where to now?” (thinking we were heading back home.) But, he looked at me puzzled and said “we are riding up to the ski lift! That’s the whole point of this trip!” 

So I was obviously oblivious to that fact… which made it all a little more exciting . 

Damond and I had taken that same ride in Santa Fe more than a few times and it just became a special place to us! It is in the heart of the Santa Fe national forest, it is in the beautiful and fresh air of the mountains, and it’s just breathtaking and our kind of paradise (we are crazy nature and outdoor fanatics) 

I was excited for our friends to see this beautiful area for the first time and I was excited to take my new camera up there to take some photos! 

Up until this point and at this point, I HAD NO CLUE that Damond had planned this all out. 

I was walking around and just taking pictures (in my own little world as usual). 

I stopped next to a beautiful stream to take photos of it and that’s when Damond came up to me and said “Lets go over here on this side…” and he led me a little further down the stream. I absentmindedly said okay and didn’t think anything of it. 


Damond got a little closer, and started saying things he wouldn’t normally say. 

He looked at me and said “this place is so beautiful and special to us, isn’t it?” And I smiled and agreed (again, not thinking anything of it) 

Then he came closer to me and said “you know, there’s a reason why our friends are here with us and why I wanted to bring you up here again.” 

That’s when I started to align things and from there, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

And all I remember in that moment is  I kind of started to hyperventilate (haha) and I just looked at him and stared at that beautiful ring with tears welling up in my eyes. 

I said YES! obviously! 

From the time he pulled me to the other side of the stream, it felt like a whirlwind and it all happened so fast. I was surprised and shocked beyond belief. 

Of course we had always wanted and desired to get married, and we had talked about it a lot recently, but I was not expecting it that day and was surprised just like I always dreamed I would be ❤️

Of course, I had smeared makeup, helmet hair, and I was wearing my unflattering motorcycle gear… so I didn’t have the appearance that I have dreamt of, but that’s okay! 

Honestly, that stuff doesn’t even matter. I look at the pictures of my messy hair and smeared makeup and I smile, because that’s real, that’s me, and that’s how Damond usually sees me as on the daily, and he still loves me and chooses to be with me. 

(And like I tweeted a few days ago, it was nothing short of Gods grace that my nails were done when this happened.. because seriously, my nails never look this nice!) 😂

It’s only been days since we got engaged, and we are already being asked what kind of wedding we want to have, how big of a wedding, what kind of venue, what kind of photographer, etc… 

all of that stuff is brand new to us and it’s exciting, but I’m more focused and excited about my future marriage rather than my future wedding. 

The excitement of this new journey is not all about venues, and dresses, and a honeymoon.. 

it’s about a lifelong commitment to the man of my dreams, my best friend , the love of my life… and about making a huge and sacrificial commitment to God, and letting HIM guide us through this journey. 

I look at him so differently now. I fall deeper in love with him each day, I envision our life together and feel so excited and blessed. He’s not just my boyfriend. He’s the man I’m dedicating all of my heart and faithfulness to. The father of our future children and the man who will lead me throughout this life with a Christ like love and Gods strength. 

After three years of our relationship, most say “finally” and “it’s about time” and “it’s been a long time coming”… and I couldn’t agree more 😉 and I can’t wait to embrace this season of engagement! 


Thanks for reading y’all and stay tuned for more of our wedding journey!

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21 thoughts on “My Engagement Story! 

  1. Congratulations! <3 What a beautiful and romantic story… The best part is that your future children will get to see this post some day, and relish the moment you said "Yes!" to the love of your life. Bravo! <3

  2. Awww .. this is simply the sweetest! I remember way back when I told my parents we were getting married, he said “the day you get engaged is better than the day you get married” Why? “Because that’s the day you decided you’d spend the rest of your life with this person” So many congratulations! x

  3. Oh, I just love what you wrote. You’re so right, it’s not about the wedding venues, honeymoon, etc. but really about the lifelong commitment you’re making. Such a great mentality to begin your lives together! Congrats!

  4. Best wishes on your engagement! You make a lovely couple! I love your romantic story about your trip to a favorite spot in the woods, and Damond did an excellent job planning the occasion!

  5. Awwww! Congratulations! What a cute proposal! Girl, if my friends went to my special place I’d so put two and two together But! you were surprised which that in itself is amazing!

    When I got engaged my fiancees family told me it would happen prior to it happening which ruined the surprise but I still was very excited!

  6. Aww so sweet! I really like the ring he gave you. It’s pretty unique that the destination was in the woods, but totally memorable! 🙂

  7. What a sweet story! I remember when I got engaged♥ My hubby proposed to me at Disneyland and I never saw it coming. We got married last year in October and so we have been married for about 8 months now and it has been the best experience! I wish I could go back and do the wedding all over again! We actually just went on our Honeymoon in May back to Disneyland where we got engaged♥

    I wish you love and happiness in your marriage♥

    -Danielle Ruppert ~

  8. Congratulations. I got engaged recently too, in March but I didn’t bother writing an article about it… haha maybe on wedding venues in the later part.

  9. Aww this is such a sweet engagement story! I’m tearing up over here! I’m so happy for you two! I love you both 💛 Congratulations!

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