Week ONE of my weight loss journey. 

Woo hoo! My first update is here for my fitness and weight loss journey! 

As y’all know, on Tuesday, I started my journey to lose 40 pounds and get healthier and fit! 

I’ve finally had it with feeling unhappy with how I look, I was tired of having no energy, and I was tired of not being my best self.

Here are the highlights and what I realized during my first week of my fitness journey: 

1. I’m throwing out the scale. 

For now, I am. Because honestly seeing the numbers gives me anxiety and stress that I don’t want to deal with. Seeing the numbers go up or to watch them remain frozen has always discouraged me. Stress can cause weight gain and I tend to over eat when I’m sad or stressed, So to avoid the disappointment of what the scale shows me, I won’t be weighing myself weekly. I’m going to take monthly photos to see my transformation and how different my body (not my numbers!) look. If anything, I’ll weigh myself once a month. 

2. My gym/workout routine:

Ive been getting up at 5:00 am and hitting the gym before work and I love it! It puts me in a great mood for my day and I have lots of energy for work! I used to workout after work in the evening and I realized that I wasn’t putting 100% effort into my workout because I was too tired from work and just wanted to get home– and that was if I even went to the gym after work. Having an evening workout routine was tricky because most of the time, I’d just skip it all together! Here’s a brief and vague (very vague) chart of Week ONE workouts: 

Now, my goal was to hit the gym 4 times this week, and I only did 3 days. So there’s one little disappointment for my first week. But even so, I was glad I started a routine that I intend and will keep! 

Next week I’m shooting for 5x week and hoping to up my cardio time and weight training time 🙂 

3. It’s not just about how long you spend at the gym! 

The first two days I did cardio, I did it for 45 minutes. Then on Friday (my third day) I only did 40 minutes. But I worked so much harder and burned more calories with my 40 minute cardio session. What I learned from this is: I could spend an hour on the stair master and not give it my full effort and only burn x amount of calories. But, if I truly work, put 100% effort, and challenge myself and my goals, I can burn more calories and gain more strength/endurance with less time on the machine… make sense? 

It’s not about a 4 hour gym session… it’s about how much effort you give with each minute you are working out! 

4. Cut out the idea of food as a “reward” 

This is where one of my main problems is! I start to think “oh I worked out and ate a healthy lunch, so it’s okay to have fast food and ice cream tonight…” WRONG. 

I’m trying so hard to simply look at food as fuel for this time of my life. I need it to stay alive and fueled for working out. I’m trying not to look at food as a comfort or stress relief, but simply as fuel. 

I’ve made the mistake this week already of eating out and binging on Burger King (yuck) 

I’m promising myself no cheat days for at least a few weeks! 

*this is the most challenging part of my journey. 

5. Drink TONS OF WATER. Seriously! 

Yes, this is stressed so much because it’s so freaking important! 

One of the suckiest things that happened this week as I started my fitness journey was I got crazy and horrible headaches the first two days I worked out. 

My body wasn’t used to the intensity of the workouts and your body NEEDS more than your idea of enough water. You’ll get dehydrated and will not feel good at all if you aren’t chugging down that water… and you have to do it constantly and all day long. (And yes you’ll be in the bathroom a lot!) 

I’m currently aiming for a gallon a day this coming week 🙂 

6. Live by this quote: 

I found this quote on Pinterest and it literally changed my outlook on my journey… I’m obsessing over the future what what I’ll be eating, doing, and looking like months from now. I get discouraged sometimes when I look too far ahead and see how much work and patience I’m going to have to have to succeed. 

Sometimes I get stressed out thinking about the time, patience, and hard consistency that I’m going to have to have… (stress will hold you back!) 

Focus on your day to day… wake up and make sure you are giving that specific day all of your energy and dedication… that way you can look back in joy and triumph and NOT ahead in stress! 

Those are just a few of my experiences and epiphanies from this week. I’m praying that next week I’ll continue on and better, more successful and closer to my goals! 

I’m also hoping to get my “initial/before photos” taken next week! (Let’s hope I’m brave enough to share them with y’all) 

Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragement y’all have given me thus far! 


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  1. I agree with your point about working out BEFORE heading to work as opposed to afterwards. The gym I used to be with was two blocks from where I worked so I would just go after I got off work. I am not a morning person. At all. Like, whatsoever. But I did start getting up earlier to hit the gym before work and I felt so much better! As for the scale, yea I don’t like them. They’re little liars. Throwing it out is definitely the right thing to do 😉

  2. Wow you are amazing for getting up at 5 AM! My weight fluctuates so much, you’ve inspired me to start being good again!! First visit to your blog and really like it, love your logo too xx

  3. I like that you shared a workout routine that could easily be pinned to Pinterest! Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey <3

  4. love this, and proud of you! I struggle with thinking of food as a reward too. AND not drinking enough water. I’m going to work on water today and see if it helps me feel better. Thanks for the motivational post!

  5. You’re doing awesome! I do try to drink a lot of water. I also don’t bother with the scale. If I can fit into my pants, I’m good to go.

  6. I agree with a lot of what you wrote. I did a lot of the similar things when I went on my diet. I think drinking water is essential but I totally suck at it! I need a better system but I have a tea addiction so I tend to reach for that an ice tea instead of water! Lol .. such a bad habit!! I think throwing out the scale is also a good idea. Best of luck with your dieting journey and I hope you achieve your goals.


  7. How incredible! I wish I could go to my gym in the morning but unfortunately, I don’t have much time in the morning. I go in the evening. I try to visit at least 4 days. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I will be living in that quote… I always tell myself I will take care of myself tomorrow, or I will exercise on Monday things like that but often times I manage to forget it, but living in that quote would definitely change my life .. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. This post got me pumped. I want to loose a couple of pounds and start working out. However… the whole waking up at 5am to workout GGGGIIIIRRRRLLLL!!! I ADMIRE YOU!

  10. Good luck on your weight loss journey!! I haven’t been able to workout full out due to an injury but I loved jumping on the treadmill in the morning and then having the rest of the day to myself and not having to compete with other things after work. Great tips!

  11. This is so awesome. Congratulations on starting your journey. It can be a bit crazy at times but I believe it is worth it in the long run. I am sure you will do even better things next week. Water can be tricky at times but definitely water does help cut down eating and make you healthier.

  12. Keep on motivating yourself and stay focus. You will get your desired goal in a matter of time 🙂 Cheers!

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