Why You Should Have an “I Love Me” Day

Last Saturday I had an “I love me day”. I spent the whole day by myself. I did little things that made me happy and it was nice getting to do that by myself. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending all of my time with my boyfriend and I love having girls days with friends. 

But sometimes, you just need a ‘me’ day… a day where you can pick the restaurant you eat at, the movie you watch, the stores you shop at, etc. 

I think spending time alone and having an “I love me day” is so important for your health and spirit. I think it’s important for our own self care. I think it’s necessary in order to stay sane!
I remember having friends who used to say “I can’t go to a restaurant and sit and eat alone! I don’t have the guts or courage to do it.” 

I think we live in a society where if we aren’t glued to one another in person or on social media, there’s something wrong with us… and that is just not true! 

Sometimes the only way for is to think clearly is if we unplug and unglue ourselves from our phones and others for a day! 

Here’s what I did on my “I love me” day! 

1. Went to one of my favorite coffee shops

I used to loooove to go to coffee shops all the time when I was in college to do homework or write. Since college, I haven’t really had much quiet alone time at a coffee shop, so lady Saturday I ordered myself one of my favorite drinks (iced vanilla latte) and just spent time reading and enjoying my time. 

2. Shopped at my favorite stores

I took my time and browsed around in every aisle at some of my favorite stores (Ulta Beauty and Dollar Tree). I treated myself to a few items and I splurged on an item I’ve been dying to get! 

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Eyeshadows

(My review on this item will be up soon and I’m soooo excited to try it out!!) 

3. Had lunch at one of my favorite places

I had a delicious lunch at Vinaigrette! I love this restaurant because they have awesome food and healthy choices! They also only have sea salt on their tables and I love that! I don’t come here often because my boyfriend thinks it’s “too hipster and weird” lol so we usually go to a place where he can get more manly food (like a rare steak) 

4. Took a nap! 

I won’t post a picture of me sleeping but I loooove taking afternoon naps on the weekend and thats what I did! 

All in all it was a good day and I highly recommend everyone to take a day where they do what they want and go to the places and stores that they want to go! 

Take your time shopping, read a good book, relax and try not to rush through your day! 

What are your favorite places to eat or shop at? What coffee shop do you go to and what kind of drink do you get? I’d love to know about what you do on your “I love me days” 

Thanks for reading y’all! 


Olivia 💛

13 thoughts on “Why You Should Have an “I Love Me” Day

  1. I love that your favourite store is The Dollar Tree, we don’t have that here in Ireland, however, when we go on vacation I go to every one I see lol. “Me days” are amazing for your wellbeing, as a new mom I don’t get much “me” time anymore but when it does happen I like to sit and read in the peace and quiet. Thaks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration to take time for myself. I am in desperate need a ‘me’ day. I am moving our youngest daughter from one city to another, planning a family celebration in honor of her university graduation, company, and working on my website and at my MOA job….whew just thinking of it all I am tired.

  3. I will have a me day in a few weeks. So happy. I had a week off this week but packed full with errands Just got back home from getting some great indoor plants and feel better already.

  4. as an introvert I think :me: days are a really important part of self care. a perfect me day would start with my favorite bookstore and a trip to the park with whatever book I found. I love buying makeup too so I might stop at Ulta to check out the latest Nyx or Urban Decay. I would probably end the day with a nice sheet mask and relaxing bath.

  5. Oh how I love “me” days…this mama needs one and soon! I like to start off with something from Starbucks, mani/pedi, then shopping. Or if I get lucky and get to head to Dallas, I start off with Starbucks, them Drybar, them shopping!

  6. Great post! And something that I completely agree with. WE often forget to take care of ourselves, and this is something so important to remember! Thanks for the insight.

  7. I have been dying to do a “Me” day for the longest time but I have been too caught up in thinking that it would be weird to go somewhere alone. I think I will definitely treat myself to a Blueccino, its a
    Blended Espresso with Condensed Milk, Regular Milk, and secret Spices topped with White Whipped Cream that is available at my favorite coffee shop in Jamaica and just connect with me. Your post really inspired me to have that day soon.

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