My Love Poem to Jesus 

What a splendid  thing, that Jesus died to set me free. 

Such a high price he paid, all to have my death fade.

Even after all of my mistakes and flaws, he still offered me mercy and grace and loved me through it all. 

I will never understand or see, how such a beautiful king can love someone as ugly as me. 

Shame and death is what I deserve, but it was Jesus who came and took all the hurt. 

He was beaten, scorned and mocked… and through it all, his love for me never stopped. 

The nails in his hands, the crown of thorns, such pain and agony… I can’t believe he did it for someone like me. 

What a way He made, so that I could know him.. a perfect and flawless King, who wants to spend eternity with me. 

Thank you Jesus, for your love an grace. My life and heart is forever changed. 

My thankfulness and love for you will never be expressed enough, thank you Jesus for being my one true love. 

You died and rose from the grave. You broke every chain. 

I’m free, I’m made new, my heart is filled with true joy, and it’s all because of you. 

I will live my life to serve and glorify you. Jesus, my life will never be the same, and because of that, I’ll forever praise Your Name. 

With Love, 


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