Treat Yo Self Tuesday: Fiona Stiles Matte Foundation 

Happy #TreatYoSelfTuesday !🎉 

My current obsession and new found favorite makeup product is the Fiona Stiles Matte Finish Foundation Concentrate

And guys, when I say that I’m obsessed, I’m literally OBSESSED. 

[Before I continue to rave about this product, I’ll have you know that this post is no way sponsored and there are not any affiliate links or codes included here! I genuinely love this brand and this product and I wish I could be sponsored by this lovely brand.]

I first heard about this brand and foundation from my esthetician. I have acne prone skin and I’m always fighting more than a few breakouts on my face. I also have oily skin and a lot of acne scars(red marks and indentation scars) .

So basically, I have really flawed skin… in order for me to do the best for my skin, I need foundation that’s paraben free and free of all of those crazy pore cloggers that are in so many cosmetic products.

I try not to cake on my foundation because I know how horrible that is for your pores and skin. And I also know that the less makeup I wear and the more I let my skin breathe, the better. (Less is more 😉) 

There are just many days though where I feel so insecure about my breakouts and my scars, that I like to wear foundation. It helps to boost my confidence, I feel a little better with it on, and I love putting it on. 

Here’s What I LOVE about this foundation: 

  • It is so light weight! It does not feel cakey or thick at all. 
  • It offers the perfect amount of coverage- medium to full. 
  • It gives you the perfect matte finish… it’s never dry looking. 
  • It STAYS Matte.. all day long
  • It blends effortlessly with a brush or Beauty blender. 
  • The packaging is high quality, it comes with a pump, and it’s all around packaged beautifully. 
  • It does not contain any parabens or pore cloggers. 
  • It gives you a very beautiful finish and looks natural (while still being full coverage) 

I’ve been currently applying this foundation with a beauty blender, but I also will use the Wet n’ Wild Flat Top Brush (and if you haven’t tried these new Wet n’ Wild brushes yet, you need to!) 

It is currently 21 Days of beauty At Ulta and I discovered this product is HALF OFF! So of course I bought four of these. [ha ha] (I also bought their concealer which I have been LOVING as well.) 

Before this foundation, I used to use the Bare Minerals Original Foundation. I love that foundation because it only has FIVE ingredients in it and it’s insanely good for your skin. BUT, I’m an oily mess, and there’s no way to make that foundation Matte… I look like a shiny disco ball two hours after I put it on… that’s only because of how oily my skin has become. It’s still an amazing foundation.

So I finally retired my beloved Bare Minerals and will use the Maybeline Fit Me Matte from time to time. But Fiona Stiles Foundation is my new ride or die. 
So like I said, if you’re looking for a new foundation that’s light weight, full coverage, good for your skin, and gives you a beautiful finish, you might want to try Fiona Stiles Beauty. 

I highly recommend it 😉 

What is your current ride or die Foundation and why? 🙂 

With Love,

Olivia 💜

25 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self Tuesday: Fiona Stiles Matte Foundation 

    • Yaaaaas gotta love parks & Rec!!! 😊 have you tried this foundation?? If so, I’m glad you did, not many people have

  1. My wife might have skin like yours. Based on your suggestions I think she might really love it. It might work as a great gift too. Thanks for reviewing this product

  2. My current ride or die foundation would have to be Mary Kay. I love their products, but to be honest, I’ve never really shopped around! Make up is expensive! I really love what an in depth evaluation you give of the Fiona Stiles foundation – it helps for someone who knows nothing about make up! Lol and your make up is, what do the kids say these days, on fleek?

  3. Hey, good to know! I have really bad acne scars and I can never find a foundation that fully covers them. Using Bare Minerals as I can layer it.

  4. Ooooo now that sounds like one fabulous foundation!!! I’m a total makeup junkie so I will definitely be checking it out

  5. I am still on my quest for my perfect foundation, either the shade or the coverage is wrong. It’s great that once you fine something you love you should hang onto for dear life xx

  6. I love hearing reviews on beauty products! I need a new foundation so i’ll have to give this one a try! Thanks for sharing!

    • This has a lovely finish and works great for sensitive skin!!! I hope you try it out!! 🙂

  7. I LOVE hearing beauty bloggers’s rave reviews about products that aren’t sponsored! It makes me want to try the products even more. Thanks for sharing such in depth details about this product, it sounds like a fantastic foundation!

    • Right?! I totally agree… I hope you try it out because I’m legit obsessed with this foundation and brand!! 🙂 thx for reading! I appreciate it!

    • Awww you are too sweet! Thanks so much! 🙂 I’ve been curious about the NYX green CC! I’ll definitely look into it now that you mentioned it! 🙂 thx for reading!

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