The Tea That Changed How I Felt About My Body! 

Happy Wellness Wednesday! 

I recently finished my first 30 day detox with Teami Blends! Woo hoo!! 

I’m so happy to have finished it and finally be consistent with something like this! I was absolutely impressed with my journey and how I felt throughout the whole process! I’m going to share with you how my detox went! Check out my first post and update on my Teami Journey here!

So what changed? 

The number one thing that I saw and felt change with was my energy! I’m a huge coffee fan but sometimes coffee wouldn’t give me the energy and boost that I needed… Teami tea gave me the healthy and right boost that I was searching for! 
Another amazing change I felt was LESS bloating! I absolutely can’t stand being and feeling bloated… this tea took that all away and I felt so much “lighter” 😉 
Another major change throughout my 30 days was that I used the bathroom a lot more than I usually do! And it was also “easier” for me to go to the bathroom (TMI, I’m sorry) 

Did I lose any weight? 

No, I didn’t lose any weight, but that’s okay! I started this journey as a boost to feeling better and putting natural and healthy things into my body! I ate clean but not as clean as I should’ve. I exercised, but not as much as I know I should have… Teami Blends promotes healthy eating and active lifestyle along with the tea detox! If I was more consistent on these two areas, I’m sure I would’ve lost some pounds. But that wasn’t my main focus. 
How did the teas taste? 

DELICIOUS! I have always been a fan of tea but was unsure of how this tea would taste… Thankfully, it taste delicious all on its own and I don’t need to add any sugar or honey to it! 🙂
Will I use more products from Teami Blends! 

I definitely will! I’m beyond eager to try more products and teas from this lovely company! I’m dying to try the TEAMI ENERGY and the TEAMI RELAX! When I try these out, I will make sure to let y’all know what I think 🙂 
Teami Blends changed the way I felt about my health. There was something about the tea that boosted my energy and mood and took away that “bleh and ugh” feeling. It felt good knowing that I was putting good things in my body, and feeling better ultimately motivated me to treat my body better- physically and emotionally. 

It’s been amazing 30 days and I can’t wait to do another detox and I can’t wait to try more products! 
Have you been wanting to try Teami Blends? If so, I have a coupon code for you! Use WFW10 for 10% OFF your order! And of course, if you have any questions about this product, feel free to ask! 

Thanks for joining me along this journey! 

Happy sips! 

-Olivia 💛

[this post is NOT sponsored. The products were sent to me to try, and ALL opinions are my own. The discount code is an affiliate code. I will receive a small commission when it is used.] 

21 thoughts on “The Tea That Changed How I Felt About My Body! 

  1. I sometimes drink a tea to boost my energy. I love your pictures and fully understand the journey

  2. I am a tea lover. I almost never drink coffee, except for when I go to starbucks! But I have not tried this one! I might have to try this!

  3. This sounds like a great product and if it leaves you feeling better then that is great. I would have to find out to see if we have that here.

  4. Very in-tea-ging (hehe couldn’t resist!). I cringe at the idea of giving up my precious coffee, but it certainly isn’t kind to my gut.

    • Yes! It’s online only!!! Not sure exactly where they ship but you can check their website to see!

  5. I love both coffee AND tea. I was a tea reviewer on Steepster for years. Tea has so many health benefits! Yes coffee has some too, but not like tea!
    While I love both I will say I always feel better drinking tea. I go for spurts just drinking coffee, or just drinking tea. Tea wins hands down when it comes to health and well-being!
    I am going to go make a cup of Sencha right now!

    • I love both tea and coffee as well!!! I’m obsessed with coffee, but tea will always be healthier for you!

  6. Olivia – Thanks for your honest review about this tea. I always wonder when people say they lose so much weight. But, your honesty makes me want to try this; simple for the fact of wanting to feel healthier and more energized. xo – Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Aw I loved this! I am always trying to find new teas that help me feel better but there are so many versions of detox teas that I never know what will be good. Thank you!!

    • Sure thing! These are so tasty and so so good for you! They are worth a try..!

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