How to NOT have miserable and painful periods. 

I doubt many men read my blog, but if you do, this post ISN’T for you! 🙂 unless you want to make your lady extremely happy, you can buy her some of these items 😉

I’ve always suffered from painful and horrible menstrual cycles. I remember even in middle school having to stay home because my cramps were so bad and I would be nauseous and throwing up. 
I was put on birth control at the age of 15 in the hopes that my cycle would regulate and I wouldn’t be miserable throughout my “lady times”. It never helped or worked for me after being on it for 3 years and even after trying  a few different types of birth control, I knew that wasn’t the answer. 

I’m no longer on birth control and haven’t been since I was 18. And I don’t plan on ever being on it again. (That’s a story for another post!) 

My periods were at their best and lightest when I was in Army boot camp and when I was home and actively working out and doing hot yoga 6x week. It’s incredible how active you are truly affects so many different aspects of your body and health! 
Of course, as the years went by… I stopped doing hot yoga and I stopped working out consistently… that is when my menstrual cycle saw the darkest of times. Literally EVERY month, I would have a whole day where my cramps were unbearable and I was extremely nauseous and beyond moody. I would get menstrual headaches and always have bad breakouts on my cheeks. It always happens on the first two days of my period too. 

I was tired of being miserable during my period and all of the Midol and ibprofun stopped working for me. So this last month I tried one different type of pain relief that I hadn’t tried yet and I tried as many home remedies as I could to see if it made a difference during my period…. AND IT DID. 

Here’s what I did and used to feel 100% better! 

1. Doterra “Clary Calm” essential oil. 

This roller ball is seriously so amazing! I started using it the day before my cycle started and all throughout it as well! I roll it over my abs, belly button, and sometimes my lower back for relief of cramps. It really did make such a difference for me! It smells amazing too! 

2. Aleve pain relief pills

My estheticion told me to pop one of these three days before my cycle starts, so I did. Aleve isn’t as strong and damaging as ibprofun, and midol stopped working for me, so the 1x day – three days before my cycle trick worked well! 

3. Ginger-Lemon herbal tea

I abstained from coffee during my cycle and drank a caffeine free ginger lemon hot tea and that helped soothe my anxiousness and moodiness and I believe kept the pain at bay! Ginger does amazing things for women during our cycle. I drank one cup in the morning and one in the night! I also heard that chamomile tea is great, so I might try that next month! 

4. Forskolin vitamin

This vitamin is great for many different things… it should be taken daily (not just during your cycle). I’ve read that this vitamin helps with fat burn, skin issues, and of course balancing out your cycle. I noticed a difference in all three areas a week after taking it! You can find this at any vitamin shop! 

6. Lemon water! 

Lemon water is good for everything it seems! I can’t stand the taste of lemon water so it’s a struggle for me to drink it… (and it’s not good for your teeth.) So I drank it the first two days of my cycle to add a little more aid to my period! I used Doterra’s Lemon oil in my water. 

7. Bananas! 

I don’t know what it is… (maybe all the potassium?) But I ate two bananas a day for the first 2 days of my cycle – one for breakfast and one as an evening snack… and this tale is as old as time to help relieve  cramps and bloating! 

So who knows if it would have only taken two or three of these products to help with the excruciating pain of my period… but I used them all to be on the safe side and my period this month was  TOTALLY BEARABLE and not like the last five months(where I was throwing up and curled up in bed) 

My cramps used to wake me up in the middle of the night because of how intense they were… this month I maybe had mild cramps… and minimal bloating…. I was completely SHOCKED and ecstatic! 

What do you use or do when Aunt Flo and Uncle Tom come to visit??…. lol let me know what works for you and let me know if you are going to try any of these remedies! 

Talk to y’all later! 

Olivia 💛

30 thoughts on “How to NOT have miserable and painful periods. 

  1. Omg I’m on my periods right now and I desperately needed this post! I have the worst cramps and PMS 🙁 I’m gonna give some of this stuff a shot.

  2. This is such a good post – there’s never enough ways to relieve period pain. I find that every single time it hurts a little different and I need to try different tricks;) x

  3. The idea of using more natural remedies for menstrual pain came to me some time ago already. But I never had actually a chance to find them of use them. Thanks for that!

  4. These are some great tips! Luckily I don’t get painful periods anymore. I had endometriosis removed 2 years ago and since then I’ve been pain free! These can definitely help someone who is. Suffering like I used to.

  5. I became a hystersister in my 30’s and I’m so glad I did. I never had to deal with this again and my pre-cancerous cells never turned into cancer. This is all great advice and trust me I feel for every woman who suffers in pain.

  6. What I usually do when I get menstrual cramps (and yes, they’re really bad) is to apply hot compress and stretch.. Well I usually curve up to a ball and then rock myself back and forth.. I dunno but it’s always worked. I’ve never tried lemon water.. will do that next time (although I hope I won’t need to!)


  7. Great tips! I am lucky enough and i don’t feel any pain during my period. My only problem is that i have headaches but then again not every time.

  8. Okay so, you are SO going to hate me. I NEVER get menstruation cramps on anything like that. My Mom and sister just look at me and roll their eyes. When I see other women doubled over in pain, it looks like pregnancy contractions to me (something else I’ve never experienced). Even so, I like the sound of that Forskolin vitamin, and would love to try it.

  9. I need to try this essential oil for sure! Usually what helps me is a warm blanket over my belly. The heat really helps to manage the pain. But, keep me limited to go out. I can’t wait to try all of these suggestions!

  10. Love the post, I haven’t tried any of the essential oils since I’m really just starting to learn the benefits of each oil. I tend to get more headaches than cramps lately so I’d love some remedies for that. Although, I have used Aleve in the past.

  11. Great post! Thank you so much for sharing all the tips! I think I’ll start with the Ginger-Lemon herbal tea… I’m into natural remedies and this one sounds great!

  12. I will pass this on to my sister as she has a lot of cramping. I especially like the lemon ginger tea recommendation – ginger is so healthy!

  13. I definitely want to try some of these more natural remedies! I usually take ibuprofen for the pain (and nurse said it helps lighten your period but I’m not sure if it’s true).

    • I doubt it’s true… otherwise I’d have a super light period after all the ibprofun I used to take lol!! I swear by these things! Anything ginger and chamomile is a game changer! 🙂

  14. My daughter and I also suffer from painful menstrual periods. I use several of your recommendations, will had the rest next month and will keep an eye on the results. Thanks for sharing this post. I will definitely use this tips!

    • I’m sorry y’all also suffer… 🙁 Thanks for reading! Hopefully it helps! 🙂

    • Right?! lol I totally relate! And bananas are my favorite!!! Thanks so much for reading

  15. Absolutely totally agree with all of this. I have started to take the more natural route when it comes to my periods. I drink raspberry tea as well as ginger, do yoga for relief, walk, heating rice bag on belly and back, and drink lots of water!

    • Mmmm I’ll have to try raspberry tea :)) I used to use heating rice bag but haven’t in a while…. they work great though! Thanks for the reminder!! 🙂

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