My Life Verse

I think every Christian has their own “Life Verse”. A verse from scripture that speaks to them in volumes and that can always encourage through every season of life. A life verse is a verse that you live by! It’s something to encourage, inspire, and motivate you. It’s something to look back to when you need to remember God’s love for you.

My life verse has always been Luke 1:45.

Blessed is she who has believed that the LORD would fulfill His promised to her!”

Sometimes I get emotional just by reading the verse. It offers me so much love, assurance, and hope.

The story from Luke 1: 26-56 as a whole inspires me and gives me the chills every time I read it. I get so excited just explaining the story to others. The story is when God sends an angel named Gabriel to Nazareth to reveal to Mary (who was a virgin) that she has found favor with God and will conceive and give birth to a son (a.k.a JESUS CHRIST).

Of course Mary is a little frightened when she sees the angel and beyond confused when he tells the virgin that she will give birth soon to a baby. And on top of that, not only is she carrying “just a baby”… She’s become the Mother of the Son of the most high!  “The one who will reign over Israel forever; his Kingdom will never end!” (Luke 1:32)

Of course all of this sounded so outrageous to her, but I just LOVE how Mary obeys God and praises Him for what He is going to do with and through her life.

” Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true!”

(Luke 1:38)

A few verses later Mary sings a song of praise to God and part of that says:

” How my sprit rejoices in God my Savior! For He took notice of his lowly servant girl, and from now on all will call me blessed.”  (Luke 1:47-48)

I love how she is a woman of faith who is obedient and has full trust in God and his promises. I long to have a faith like hers. Her faith and obedience brought forth OUR SAVIOR: JESUS.

-My most favorite verse (Luke 1:45) is a sweet reminder that our God is so faithful! And that he will keep every single promise that he makes to us. We never have to worry about being let down… Our God is merciful, true, and beyond faithful!

-This verse also reminds me that God will bless us immensely when we put our FULL trust in Him. It reminds me that He is a God who is true to His word and He WANTS to bless us and he wants us to completely trust Him.

-This verse gives me hope. I see how Mary wonders, “Why me? I’m just a young and lowly servant girl?” (paraphrase)

It reminds me that God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called! When I tend to think that I have nothing to offer or that I won’t ever make a difference in this world, I think about how Mary was just a normal girl and how she was used to give life to the savior of the world! (Man that truth just blows me away every time I think about it!)

-This verse reminds me that we serve a limitless God. A God who can do anything. You know how scripture says “With God, all things are possible”? Well its true- I mean, hello, Jesus was born of a Virgin! (that doesn’t just happen everyday haha)

-This verse encourages me to be an obedient woman to God and to never doubt His word or his promises to me.

I want to live my life like a lot of women in the bible. A life that is surrendered daily to God. A life and a faith that is used for His Kingdom. So many women in the bible have done things and lived lives that FOREVER CHANGED THE WOLRD. Ladies, we have to believe that God still has the power to do that in us!

God can and will use you if you let him do so. We must STOP putting limits on a limitless God! It’s time to fully believe and trust in Him and his promises. He will fulfill them. His will be done no matter what!

The world that we live in today is getting crazier and crazier… The world needs more women who will have faith and trust in God just like Mary and many other women of the bible. Now is not the time to hide our faith or to slow down. We must do what we can do, and serve and love Jesus with all we have.

To all my ladies out there, remember how much Jesus loves you. He wants to do big and important things in your life. He wants you to surrender your heart to him and believe in his faithful promises. He has given you a gift, and he wants you to use it!

I encourage you to seek a verse or scripture that encourages you and speaks to you in ways that you need it to. I hope you strive to be a woman of the Most High God and not a woman of the world.  I pray that you seek the Lord in prayer and ask him to show you what He wants to do with your life.

What is your life verse and why? Let me know in the comments below! And as always, thanks for stopping by!



January 2017 BOXYCHARM Review

I just got my January Boxycharm in the mail and I AM SO EXCITED!

I know I say this all the time, but I think this is one of the best boxes yet!! 😉

I have been subscribed to Boxycharm for almost 2 years and I’ve always been satisfied, excited, and happy with this subscription service!

I made the switch from ipsy to Boxycharm in May 2015 and I don’t regret the change!

As you can see from my blog name, I’m an outdoors gal, but deep down, I’m also a girly girl who is makeup obsessed!

FUN FACT: I worked at Bare Minerals for about 2 years doing makeup and I loved every second of it 😀

Makeup is definitely a huge obsession and interest for me so I thought, ‘Why not include it in my lifestyle section of my blog? ;)’

[Just a quick disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or an affiliate post with Boxycharm. They do not have an affiliate program and I have been subscribed and pay my $21 each month to receive my box!]


This has been my favorite box that I’ve gotten in a long time and it is also a box where I LOVE and know I will use all products included!

  1. The product I am most excited for is the “PUR” Mineral Glow Bronzer! It is FULL size, only has 7 ingredients in it, looks like the perfect shade with just the right amount of shimmer to it, and it normally retails for $25.00. I also have received other products from this brand and they all have been pretty awesome!
  2. The second product that I am looking forward to trying is the English Laundry perfume! They hit the nail on the head with this perfume! It smells so good! I wish I could describe the scent, but I am not the greatest at describing scents… lets just say its very similar to Britney Spears ‘Fantasy’ perfume! I LOVE IT!
  3. The third product is one that I have been needing and wanting for a while now! And that is the So Susan Fan Brush. I have never owned a fan brush and have always needed one for my highlight! This little guy retails for $18.95 and has a combo of synthetic nylon and taklon hairs! I used it a few times already and I love it!
  4.  The next product the goes so well with the fan brush is the Vintage Highlighter Double that we also received. The shades of these highlights are just too gorgeous. They have a soft and creamy texture and kind of remind me of the texture of the Becca Highlighters. I’m not a hardcore highlight girl. I do like just a small glow.
  5. The last product is the *Gorge Amazing Konjac Sponge. I have never used or even seen one of these things, but I’m excited to try it! From my understanding, this is an exfoliating sponge that you wet under warm water then massage your face with. (with or without cleanser) Interesting product that retails for $18.00.

I recommend any beauty and makeup lover to subscribe to this box! It is so exciting to receive new products every month and it is a great way to build your makeup collection! I am rarely disappointed with Boxycharm. I am a devoted charmer who doesn’t see myself canceling this subscription for any reason any time soon!

What are your favorite monthly subscription services? Have you been considering Boxycharm but just haven’t done it? Let me know in the comments what you think of subscription services and if you have a favorite that you may want to recommend for me!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Be Charmed,


First Hunt of 2017.

This past weekend, I was FINALLY able to spend some time outdoors and go hunting!

It was a great time all around, but nothing like I expected.

Time is never wasted for me when it is spent outdoors, even if I don’t harvest from my hunts, which unfortunately I didn’t harvest any animals this time around.

BUT that’s okay!

I still enjoyed every second I spent out in the mountains.

Me and Damond took a day trip to the Manzano Mountains which is about 45 minutes to an hour away from us.

We went to hunt quail.

Have you ever had quail? I have only had it a few times, but I do enjoy it! The first time we hunted and killed a quail, we had no clue how to cook it, so it didn’t turn out that good. (we baked it in the oven, but the best way we’ve found to cook it is to grill it!)

The way you cook and prepare wild game truly makes a difference in the taste of it!

This time last year, the mountains were COVERED in snow and there was quail flying all over the place!

But, this year, it was the total opposite! The weather was so warm and sunny. There was not a sight of any snow.

It honestly felt like spring. (Damond says Summer, I say spring.)

We saw lots of coyote tracks, some deer tracks, and a ton of bear droppings. (we were so confused because shouldn’t bears be hibernating this time of the year?!)

The views and fresh mountain air was wonderful!

I was able to snap a lot of nice photo’s of our gorgeous views, but we left empty handed which was a little disappointing and we were kind of hoping for snowy weather and more sights of wild animals. (We didn’t even see a squirrel :/ )

Damond went back for round two on Sunday with some friends. I decided to stay in and catch up with my “adulting duties”. (i.e. Laundry, meal prep,cleaning)

He turned up empty handed again, but that is okay!

Hunting is so much more than just running around and killing everything you see…

It is FAR more complicated, challenging, and peaceful than you would think if you have never been hunting.

As a hunter you have to accept that there will be many hunts that you do not harvest, and you have to accept many days and miles passed where you won’t even catch a glimpse of any kind of animal. (Let alone the one you drew for and are looking for)

But like I said, hunting isn’t always about the kill. It’s about growth, PATIENCE, learning the ins and outs of the land, and learning all you need to know about the animal you are hunting.

I’m fairly new to the hunting game, as I’ve only been introduced to the hunting life about two years ago. I’ve yet to harvest anything, and yet I have never felt like any time spent hunting has ever been a waste of time.

I was just happy to get away from the world for a little bit. I loved the sunny and warm weather. I missed the fresh mountain air, and I missed just walking around, trekking up and down hills, and crossing streams.

I love the stillness and peacefulness of the mountains and outdoors and it was a complete joy to just enjoy that!

Next exciting hunt for us is Spring Turkey!

If we have time one of these weekends, we would like to go coyote hunting. But I’m ready for spring turkey to roll around!

I look forward to all of my future hunting endeavors, because I know I will always come back feeling refreshed and will have learned something new!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back and visit soon for more hunting blogs!

Until next time, happy campers 😉


You are Enough.

Ever felt so sure and confident in something that has been placed on your heart?

Perhaps a dream, goal, or experience…

Have you ever started a journey (like starting a blog 😉 or beginning a healthy new lifestyle, or chasing after whatever dream it is that you have) and someone says or does something to crush your hopeful and optimistic outlook on it?

Yeah, I know what that is like.

You are so excited about something.

You envision it, then you plan it all out, and then you start working for it…

everything seems perfect.

Until something happens or someone comes along with a negative Nancy attitude and it just makes you feel down and unsure.

This is seriously how I feel right at this moment!


But today….

Today was a challenging day.

Doubt began to creep into my mind. Insecurities started to flood my thoughts and perspective.

I started to think, “Am I just wasting my time?”

“do people think I’m dumb for doing this?”

“Are people annoyed by me?”

“Is anyone ever going to care about what I have to say?”

Anyone’s answer’s to these questions shouldn’t matter.  Why, you ask? Because the only answer and opinion that ultimately matters regarding these types of questions is the opinion and thoughts of Jesus, my savior.

I have prayed and asked the Lord to show me what He wants to do with my life. I ask him what type of vessel I could be to shine some light of His love. I have wandered aimlessly in doubt because I didn’t know what God has planned for me. ( I still don’t know exactly)

But I am sure of this: Jesus loves me and truly believes that I am enough.

I feel a specific calling to just follow HIS lead and write and blog and share love and hope with  whoever needs it.

It doesn’t matter if I have 100 readers or zero readers…

It doesn’t matter if someone thinks my ideas and my blog is “stupid” or “irrelevant”

It doesn’t matter if people think I’m wasting my time..

I know with all my heart that whatever work Jesus wants to do through me and through this blog, HE will do it and follow through with all of His promises to me.

There are always going to be people who will wish you ill, who honestly don’t care, and who don’t see your purpose and reasoning for what you do.


You are enough to accomplish your goals and your dreams.

You are enough because you were created and are loved by a perfect and merciful GOD.

Don’t ever let the actions of someone else make you think or feel any different.


All my love,


Two Thousand Seventeen- Blogger Questionnaire Tag

Good Evening Friends and Readers!

I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend!

Today is January 7th, 2017. We are already a whole week into the new year! ( Say what?!)

I have set out so many different goals, ambitions, and resolutions for the new year, and I’m thinking I need to get the ball rolling faster on many things (including this blog) because time flies too quickly!

I have so many ideas and plans for this blog, but the most important goal for Wild and Free Outdoors is to connect with all of you and build new friendships with all who take part in my “journey”.

I have some fun ideas for my blog including a weekly series called #Treatyoself Tuesday, where I review and feature a fun food/snack item, or makeup/lifestyle item that I think is worth treating yourself to. I also want to incorporate a monthly series that is going to be called #sundaygunday where that is a review/feature on a specific gun or gun related accessory.

^Those are all to come very soon! I have so many passions and interest, I just wish I could incorporate it all in here! Also, let me know of any ideas that you guys would love for me to shed light on 🙂

I have a lot more technical/ “admin” issues I definitely need to work on (i.e. broken links, website layout, subscription list….) Remember I’m a total newbie blogger who is doing this all on her own on top of her two jobs and other priorities 😉 So my apologies for the little mishaps.

Although I’m slowly beginning this journey, it has already brought so much joy to my life and I can’t wait for more!

I thought I would do a fun “blogger questionnaire tag” with some random questions just so you guys could get to know me… (For the time being, while I work on all that I need to work on for this site)

Please answer your favorite questions in a comment below! 🙂

Talk to ya’ll soon!


1. What is your best friend’s name?

Summer! (beautiful, right?!)

2. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

sometimes open, sometimes closed… I don’t really keep track of that.

3. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Nope! I’m picky about those things and wouldn’t use them if I took them lol

4. Have you ever stolen a street sign?

No, never

5.  Do you always smile for pictures?

usually! 😀

6. What is your song of the week?

Ariana Grande- Everyday (Gets me pumped up at the gym!)

7. Do you still watch cartoons?

When I watch TV, yes! My bf and I are obsessed with King of The Hill (haha)

8. Heels or flats?

Boots! (with a two-three inch riding heel)

9. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

La Bamba (and I cry every. single. time.)

Most Current: The secret life of Pets.

10. Last person you kissed?

Damond :-*


11. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

Probably two years ago?

12. Can you change the oil on a car?

Yup! But I usually let my Dad change it for me lol

13. Describe your ideal proposal?

On top of a mountain, down on one knee 🙂

14. Are you lazy?

Yeah, I definitely get in my lazy modes.

15. How many languages can you speak?

2 ish. English, and Spanish(not as good as id like)

16. Nicknames

Oli, O., Liv, O-Liv.

17. Ever used a gun?

yes, always have one with me. #gunsarelife

18. What color was the last bra you bought?


19 Does anyone know the password to your email address?

I don’t think so

20. Do you want any tattoos?

I have 3, don’t really care to get more.

21.. Any strange habits?

I have plenty…

22. What’s the worst abuse you have done to your phone?

Dropped it in the toilet :/ (Thank you Lord for Apple Care)

23. How old do you think you will be when you have your first child?

Who knows… I’d like to be like 26 or 27 though.

24. Are you a risk taker?

Sometimes… usually I am more cautious though.

25. What happened the last time you cried?

hahaha, I was watching “Heart and Soul” it’s an older movie, and I literally BAWLED my eyes out when the little boy had to say bye to the four angels. I was sobbing and my boyfriend thought I was so crazy lol

26 Honestly, are things going the way you planned?

Nope! lol But I know they are going the way GOD planned, and that is what matters and that brings me comfort.

27. What’s your worst habit?

Eating too much chips

28. What’s your favorite thing about your gf/bf/crush?

His sense of humor, his smile, his style, his love for me, his hugs… basically EVERYTHING

29. Have you ever bitten your toes nails?

when I was a kid, I did… (EW!)

30. Do you have any strange phobias?

Snakes… but that’s not strange… snakes are scary.

31. Do you miss anyone right now?

I do, I miss my Uncle Dan who passed away two years ago. My BF was using a hunting vest that used to be my uncles and made me miss him a lot more today

42. Who are you in love with?

Jesus, my family, my boyfriend, my life….

33. What do you want to know about the future?


34. Have you already planned your wedding?

in my head, yes.

35. Do people ever take you seriously?

They always do lol

36. Why do you have a blog?

I’ve always loved writing (since I could write) and I  want to share my heart and passions, and connect with people!

37. How old are you?


38. What is the one thing you’ll never do again?

Walk away from The Lord, sleep around, get wasted

39. If you were the opposite gender. What name would you like to have?

Hmm… idk!

40. Which celebrity would you change lives with?

I don’t really know/ care too much about celebrities so im not sure.