The perfect getaway for the outdoor lover 

Hey y’all! I recently went on two trips this last month to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. 

Yes, I went on two trips in the last month because I fell in love with Colorado! 

As most of y’all know, I love the outdoors. I live for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and I’m obsessed with anything related to the mountains, nature, and the outdoors! 

My dream is to live in the heart of the mountains one day! 

I live in the desert: New Mexico. And I love it. We are close to tons of wonderful mountains here. But my hearts desire has always been to see all of the other breathtaking mountains in other states. 

And Pagosa Springs has the most beautiful views and the most charming atmosphere! Luckily I only live about 4.5 hours away, so it’s an easy and lovely ride! 

If you are a nature and outdoorsy person and haven’t explored any part of Colorado, you need to! 

My first time to Colorado was in April, and I got the spend a three day weekend in a lovely cabin right next to the river with my boyfriend and his parents! 

We also drove out to Durango and spent a day exploring that town too! They have some pretty good food, candy stores, and quaint and antique attractions! 

And of course, we got relax and soak up some hot springs!! I wish I would have gotten some actual photos inside the hot springs, but I decided to shut down my electronics while at the springs that way I can truly relax and just enjoy the atmosphere! 

(Next time I’ll get some photos 😉) 

We also went to their wildlife park and it was so fun and amazing! The animals were so fun and active and we learned so much about them. I also neglected to get any pictures of them, but I plan to go back again on my next trip! 


Our second time around, we went horseback riding on a beautiful trail in the national forest! 

And later that day, we drove about 14 miles south of Pagosa Springs to see and hike up to Treasure Falls! This was such a beautiful hike and such an amazing waterfall! The pictures can’t even do it justice! 

We even saw some wildlife on our hike! A few squirrels, chipmunks, and even a deer! I love seeing wildlife, it’s always exciting and beautiful! It never gets old, no matter how many times I see a deer! lol 

We drove a few more miles out and saw Wolf Creek (the hot spot for skiers) and the drive was so fun! (especially on the bike) 

There was tons of snow there, so it felt like we were driving into a new season! It was so beautiful and fun! 

There is soooo much more to do and see in Pagosa Springs and Colorado, which is why I’m planning to see more of Colorado and go back as soon as I can! 

We also got to eat some delicious food! One of the best parts of vacation is getting to binge on tasty food, right?! 

My fave place we ate at was actually outside of Colorado. 

We are at the ‘Elkhorn Restaurant’ in Chama, NM and it was so good! We had the most delicious fresh tortilla chips and guacamole and some amazing elk burgers!! 

All in all, I’ve fallen in love with Colorado and all of its beauty! I can’t wait to explore more of this colorful state! 

Have you been to Colorado? If so, what has been your favorite part about it?? I’d love to know ❤️ 
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Olivia 💜

Take Me to the Mountains. 

Where is your most favorite place on earth? 

For me, it’s the mountains. 

There’s something so special and magical about the FRESH and crisp mountain air. I love the quietness and stillness that you feel in the mountains. I love that you see wildlife and how simple and peaceful they live. There’s something so calming about the soft breezes you feel. 

I’m a lover of all of God’s creation, and I love many places… 

I love the desert… it’s where I live and where I grew up. I love the ocean.. it’s magical and overwhelming and beautiful… but my most favorite place in the world is the mountains. 
My love for the mountains and outdoors began when I was 18. 

And since then, my love for those things has only gotten stronger.
The mountains and outdoors are so special to me because both Damond and I have a passion for it and for hunting. Our best times together are when we are out hiking, hunting, and camping. 

I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from my favorite times outdoors. 

[ALL photos belong to me (Olivia Aragon) and CAN NOT be used or taken without my permission] 

My favorite places! 

Pecos, New Mexico- where Damond and I went grouse hunting. 

Manzano Moyntains, New Mexico. Damond and i’s favorite place to hunt, hike, and get away! It’s only 45 minutes from where I live too! 

Spring turkey hunt in the Manzano Mountains 2016

Rio Grande River, New Mexico. Crane hunting 2016. 

Rio Grande River, NM. 

Jemez camping trip 2013 

Quail hunting in the Manzano Mountains 2017. 

Love seeing wildlife! 

I have many more photos from other hunts and hikes. These are all just a few from my favorites times. 

As I have said before, there is nothing, absolutely nothing I love more than being outdoors taking in God’s creation. 

What is your favorite thing to do outdoors or in the mountains? Where’s your most favorite place in the world? 

With love, 


First Hunt of 2017.

This past weekend, I was FINALLY able to spend some time outdoors and go hunting!

It was a great time all around, but nothing like I expected.

Time is never wasted for me when it is spent outdoors, even if I don’t harvest from my hunts, which unfortunately I didn’t harvest any animals this time around.

BUT that’s okay!

I still enjoyed every second I spent out in the mountains.

Me and Damond took a day trip to the Manzano Mountains which is about 45 minutes to an hour away from us.

We went to hunt quail.

Have you ever had quail? I have only had it a few times, but I do enjoy it! The first time we hunted and killed a quail, we had no clue how to cook it, so it didn’t turn out that good. (we baked it in the oven, but the best way we’ve found to cook it is to grill it!)

The way you cook and prepare wild game truly makes a difference in the taste of it!

This time last year, the mountains were COVERED in snow and there was quail flying all over the place!

But, this year, it was the total opposite! The weather was so warm and sunny. There was not a sight of any snow.

It honestly felt like spring. (Damond says Summer, I say spring.)

We saw lots of coyote tracks, some deer tracks, and a ton of bear droppings. (we were so confused because shouldn’t bears be hibernating this time of the year?!)

The views and fresh mountain air was wonderful!

I was able to snap a lot of nice photo’s of our gorgeous views, but we left empty handed which was a little disappointing and we were kind of hoping for snowy weather and more sights of wild animals. (We didn’t even see a squirrel :/ )

Damond went back for round two on Sunday with some friends. I decided to stay in and catch up with my “adulting duties”. (i.e. Laundry, meal prep,cleaning)

He turned up empty handed again, but that is okay!

Hunting is so much more than just running around and killing everything you see…

It is FAR more complicated, challenging, and peaceful than you would think if you have never been hunting.

As a hunter you have to accept that there will be many hunts that you do not harvest, and you have to accept many days and miles passed where you won’t even catch a glimpse of any kind of animal. (Let alone the one you drew for and are looking for)

But like I said, hunting isn’t always about the kill. It’s about growth, PATIENCE, learning the ins and outs of the land, and learning all you need to know about the animal you are hunting.

I’m fairly new to the hunting game, as I’ve only been introduced to the hunting life about two years ago. I’ve yet to harvest anything, and yet I have never felt like any time spent hunting has ever been a waste of time.

I was just happy to get away from the world for a little bit. I loved the sunny and warm weather. I missed the fresh mountain air, and I missed just walking around, trekking up and down hills, and crossing streams.

I love the stillness and peacefulness of the mountains and outdoors and it was a complete joy to just enjoy that!

Next exciting hunt for us is Spring Turkey!

If we have time one of these weekends, we would like to go coyote hunting. But I’m ready for spring turkey to roll around!

I look forward to all of my future hunting endeavors, because I know I will always come back feeling refreshed and will have learned something new!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back and visit soon for more hunting blogs!

Until next time, happy campers 😉